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8 tot 15 september

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19 tot 26 aug Jacqueline Ananya Snelder € 375,00

The Tantric Feminine

Join us in this wonderfull week with Tantric Womb Healing, Mantra initiation in the feminine Shakti Path and much joy and sisterhood in this wonderfull place in France.

Journey into the Tantric Feminine

International Tantric Retreat for Women.

Tantra is a very broad subject, but in this week we are going back to the basics. The basics of your body and spirit as a woman.

Join us in this intens 7-day program to re-align with your feminine power. Your Shakti.
Awaken your specific Shakti flavor by getting in touch with the Yogini's.


Through inquiry, Through touch, art, meditation, dance and sharing in Sisterhood. In a safe environment and professional guidance.

Settle down with us in this beautifull place in nature in France for a breath-taking week into the true power of Tantra.


Every morning there will be a Tantric Yoga class and every day there is room for sharing, in small groups, on a personal basis and in the bigger circle.

In the evenings there is room for dance and chill-out time

Here is a short outline for all the 7 days, there will be several workshops in a day on all topics you read below.
  • Day one : arrival, getting in touch with your senses ( Leraning about the yogini's and opening your senses).
  • Day two : getting in touch with your body, perceiving the body as energy ( Tantric energy exercises )
  • Day three : getting to know your personal Shakti energy ( Art, Yantra Drawing in nature and on paper)
  • Day four : exploring the sacred power of sexual healing ( The art of Self-pleasure and Self-Love, sexual souvereignity , learning how to nourish and take care for your own sexual energy.
  • Day five : releasing fear ( in the body-mind) and acknowledging your spiritual proces on a deeper level 
  • Day six : honouring yourself through Puja and fire ritual
  • Day seven: end-ritual 

Program leaders:

Jacqueline Ananya Snelder and the Tantric Women Coaches and trainees:

Floor Slagter
Callista de Ruiter

Are you interested in our retreat for men and women?
From 26 of august till the 2 of sepetember we will be hosting a week for the Tantric Summer Ashram in Preau for men and women!

Boekingen lopen via Loeky Ekkel, tel. 0573-221199, email of via onderstaand inschrijfformulier.


The Tantric Feminine

19 tot 26 aug

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